The Civil Resource Development and Documentation Centre (CIRDDOC):

is an independent, non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation established in 1996 for the protection and promotion of human rights and women’s human rights and the strengthening of civil society. CIRDDOC is also committed to the institutionalisation of good governance, gender equality and the rule of law in Nigeria. Through public outreach, training, capacity building, the media, seminars, conferences, research, public hearings, civic education, counselling, advocacy, litigation, advice on budgeting and MANY other projects CIRDDOC hopes

  • To promote human rights, women’s rights, gender equality, and good governance.
  • To facilitate access to justice and the rule of law.
  • To build capacity of civil society to demand accountability from leaders and policy makers.
  • To facilitate networking, collaboration and partnerships among civil society organisations, and between government and civil society organisations.

The Nigerian Sub-national(States) Budget Transparency Survey(SBTS):

is the first independent assessment investigating transparency and spaces for public participation in the budget processes and transparency of procurement processes in all 36 Nigerian states.. The survey consists of a multiple-choice questionnaire evaluating:

  • timely publication of budget documents and information,
  • open spaces for public participation throughout the budget process, and 
  • sound and transparent procurement processes and systems.