About State Budget Transparency Survey

The Nigerian Sub-national(States) Budget Transparency Survey(SBTS):  is the first independent assessment investigating transparency and spaces for public participation in the budget processes and transparency of procurement processes in all 36 Nigerian states.. The survey consists of a multiple-choice questionnaire evaluating:
Timely publication of budget documents and information,
Open spaces for public participation throughout the budget process, and 
Sound and transparent procurement processes and systems. Read More…

states on average provide minimal information on the budget and procurement processes with limited spaces for public participation. The overall score has improved by 3 points when compared to 2015 survey results. With an average score of 29, most states don’t publish enough budget information, have limited spaces for citizens to be involved in the budget process, and provide minimal information on the procurement process. Some states have almost no budget information, non-existent space for public consultation, and opaque procurement processes.

The Budget Transparency Survey 2018 full report is the most comprehensive resource available on the findings and recommendations of this national assessment of budget transparency, participation, and procurement processes. It includes detailed information on the key findings, state rankings, research methodology, and more.

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